Online Silent Auction

Lethbridge Fire Fighters Charities is excited to be hosting their second annual Christmas Online Silent Auction.

LFD Charities relies on donations collected through fundraising events and the generous support of the community. COVID-19 has forced LFD Charities to postpone many of their fundraising events. The Muscular Dystrophy Rooftop Campout and Calendar Night have both been cancelled during the pandemic. This silent auction is a great way to stay connected and raise funds for the community.

The mission of this silent auction is raise the much-needed funds to support all of the community Christmas events that LFD Charities coordinate. These events include:

  • Adopt a family through Angel Tree. Gifts are provide to a family in our community who would otherwise not receive gifts.
  • Blankets for Seniors. Cozy blankets and a personalized hand written card are provided for a senior who would otherwise not receive a Christmas gift or see family for the entire season.
  • Other local initiatives that provide for local families. This should be a cheerful time of year and LFD Charities wants to spread the cheer throughout the community.

LFD Charities is accepting donations from community members and generous businesses to help make this years silent auction a success. To donate towards this event, please connect with an LFD Charities member through their Instagram or Facebook page. You can donate now through to November 30.

And stay tuned to their social media sites. The Silent Auction will be live December 7 through December 14. You can also find updated information on our website.

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