I Wish You Could See

I Wish You Could See helps little hearts heal; a tale of connection beyond goodbye.

I Wish You Could See

This compassionate children’s book navigates loss with love and understanding. This customizable approach to dealing with loss ensures that your little one feels loved and supported as they journey through their grief. This book is inclusive to all races and genders. It can be a heartfelt resource to all children who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

I Wish You Could See paints a beautiful picture. Although your loved ones may be gone, they never stray far from your heart.

This beautiful and supportive book was written by Colby Gaudette shortly after losing her husband, Greg Gaudette, local firefighter and paramedic, in July 2023. It shares the message for her son that she was searching for. Searching for a way to help a child navigate grief and loss? This book is customizable book is a beautiful and compassionate way. Please order online through Amazon or check your local bookstore.

Greg Gaudette, I Wish You Could See

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