Donation to CRH Pediatrics

CRH Pediatrics

Lethbridge Fire Fighters Charities was proud to donate two cots filled with toys to the Chinook Regional Hospital in August.

Hopefully children needing to stay at the CRH Pediatrics will have an easier time with their stay after receiving a toy!

Organized by LFFC member Luke Richardson, Lethbridge Fire Fighter Charities was able to make a sizeable toy donation. Toys R Us Canada made this project an even bigger success by providing a discount to charities to make every dollar count. Thank you to Toys R Us in Lethbridge for making this possible.

Members of Lethbridge Fire and EMS see first hand the impacts of medical distress on children and their families. And since Lethbridge Fire Fighters Charities is made up of a lot of those same members, they were happy to go above and beyond to ensure children staying at CRH Pediatrics had a little bit more joy with their hospital stay.

Want to Donate?

LFFC is happy to collect donations year round towards this initiative. Connect with them through their social channels to speak to a member and coordinate a drop off of unused toys.

LFFC is proud to serve its community by collecting donations and helping those in need. We can accept donations through our website any time, but are always looking for people to help us with events. Please reach out if you’d like to contribute.