The International Association of Fire Firefighters (IAFF) Local 237 represents approximately 165 members from both the Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services and the Lethbridge Public Safety Communications Centre. We are members of an International Association of approximately 298,000 members. Lethbridge IAFF Local 237 was formed in 1920, two years after the formation of the IAFF in 1918.

The Lethbridge Fire Department became became a professional Fire Department in 1909 with full time Fire Fighters. In 1912 the Fire Department took over the ambulance service from the Galt Hospital. Members of IAFF Local 237 respond to almost 12,000 calls a year and provide protection, rescue services, Fire Prevention and EMS services for the City of Lethbridge and surrounding area. Our members in the Public Safety Communication Centre answer 911 calls and provide dispatch service for Police, Fire, and EMS within Lethbridge and Coaldale, and also dispatch Fire and EMS for many surrounding communities.

We are affiliated with the Alberta FireFighters Association and the Alberta Federation of Labour.

Please feel free to visit the IAFF Website for more information on our International Association.